Video Tutorials

Together with production partners Navigraph offers video tutorials on how to read airport charts. The videos are narrated in English and offer detailed instructions on how to complete procedures in different aircraft in a varying set of meteorological conditions.

Each video is approximately 8 minutes long and is viewed directly in the Charts Desktop, Charts App or Charts Cloud.

All videos released from July 2013 and onwards will be in widescreen format and higher resolution (720p) than before. These videos are marked [Widescreen] in the list below.

Using Charts Desktop, these new widescreen videos will be delivered using streaming technology and therefore require Charts or later (download latest version). The previously released videos will still be downloaded as before.

Using Charts Cloud and Charts App, all videos will be available and streamed to the browser.

All videos are included at no extra cost along with a subscription to charts.

Video List
Below is a non-exhaustive list of approach or departure video tutorials that are available for download:

  • Acapulco VOR-28 [Widescreen]
  • Alicante ILS-10
  • Amsterdam Schiphol ILS-06L
  • Athens ILS-03R
  • Atlanta ILS-09L
  • Bangkok Don Mueang NDB-21R
  • Barcelona ILS-07L [Widescreen]
  • Beijing ILS-36L
  • Berlin Tegel ILS-NDB-08
  • Brussels ILS-25R
  • Budapest ILS-31R [Widescreen]
  • Budapest SID-31R [Widescreen]
  • Buenos Aires ILS-11
  • Cairo VOR-05R
  • Calgary ILS-NDB-16
  • Cambridge ILS-23
  • Cancun VOR-DME-30L
  • Chicago OHare ILS-28
  • Cologne Bonn NDB-14L
  • Copenhagen VOR-04R
  • Dallas SID-18R [Widescreen]
  • Delhi ILS-10
  • Dubai SID-30R [Widescreen]
  • Dublin ILS-28
  • Dusseldorf NDB-05 [Widescreen]
  • El Calafate VOR-25
  • Frankfurt Main ILS-25L
  • Funchal VOR-212
  • Glasgow VOR-05 [Widescreen]
  • Hamburg NDB-15
  • Helsinki ILS-22L
  • Hong Kong ILS-07L
  • Honolulu ILS-08L
  • Humberside NDB-03
  • Ibiza ILS-06
  • Innsbruck LLZ/DME-26
  • Jerusalem ILS-30
  • Johannesburg ILS-03L
  • La Palma NDB-DME-01
  • Las Vegas VOR-25R
  • Lisbon ILS-03
  • Liverpool ILS-09 [Widescreen]
  • London City ILS-28
  • London Gatwick ILS-26L
  • London Gatwick SID-08R
  • London Heathrow ILS-27L
  • Los Angeles ILS-25L
  • Madrid ILS-18L
  • Madrid ILS-18L ENG FAIL
  • Madrid SID-15L
  • Manchester SID-23L [Widescreen]
  • Manchester VOR-23L [Widescreen]
  • Manila ILS-06 MISAP [Widescreen]
  • Menorca VOR-19R [Widescreen]
  • Mexico City ILS-05R
  • Miami ILS-09
  • Milano Malpensa ILS-35L
  • Montreal ILS-06L
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo ILS-VOR-NDB-07R
  • Munich ILS-26L
  • Napoli SID-06 [Widescreen]
  • New Orleans ILS-10 [Widescreen]
  • New York JFK ILS-31L
  • Niagara Falls ILS-NDB-28R
  • Nice Circling-04R
  • Orlando VOR-18L MISAP [Widescreen]
  • Oslo ILS-01R
  • Palma de Mallorca ILS-24R
  • Paris CDG ILS-26R
  • Philadelphia ILS-09L
  • Pisa SID-22L [Widescreen]
  • Pristina ILS-35
  • Puerto Rico VOR-08 [Widescreen]
  • Reggio Calabria NDB-017
  • Reykjavik LOC-DME-13
  • Rio de Janeiro (Charlie 8) ILS-10
  • Roma Fiumicino VOR-NDB-25
  • Rotterdam VOR-06 [Widescreen]
  • Salzburg ILS-15 MISAP [Widescreen]
  • San Diego SID-27 [Widescreen]
  • San Francisco ILS-28R
  • Sankt Petersburg NDB-DME-10L
  • Sevilla ILS-27 [Widescreen]
  • Skiathos NDB-20 [Widescreen]
  • Southampton NDB-02 [Widescreen]
  • St. Maarten VOR-DME-09
  • Stockholm ILS-01L
  • Sydney ILS-16R
  • Tel Aviv VOR-DME-08
  • Tokyo Narita ILS-34L
  • Toronto ILS-06L
  • Vancouver NDB-08R [Widescreen]
  • Washington Dulles ILS-19C
  • Venice Tessera VOR-22L
  • Vienna ILS-34
  • Zurich ILS-34
  • Zurich ILS-34 (Airbus 330)
  • Örsta-Volda DME/LLZ-123