Charts 5 Desktop Client

Airport Chart Navigraph Charts 5 is a desktop client software which allows you to download airport and enroute charts when you need them. It connects to Navigraph servers and polls for the latest information available and helps you stay updated and organized.

The predecessor, nDAC, was launched in October 2004 and has since delivered updated and professional aeronautical charts for the flight simulation community.

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Charts 5 requires a Charts subscription, available both as yearly and monthly plans, and optionally bundled with FMS Data. As a subscriber you get full access to the complete charts database, including any revisions that are issued during the subscription period.

As a subscriber you also get access to the multi-platform and tablet-optimized Charts Cloud, and the native Charts App app at no extra cost!

Click the Download button below to start downloading the Navigraph Charts installation program. This installation program will automatically install the Charts client on your system. Navigraph Charts requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Installer not running on Windows Vista or XP? Try the installer which isn't digitally signed.

Upgrading from nDAC 3 or Charts 4? Just install Charts 5 on top of your existing installation. All existing data will be recognized and accessible after the upgrade.

Flexible User Interface

Core Features

  • Worldwide aeronautical charts (General, SIDs, STARs, Terminal) accessible instantly (see current coverage)
  • Professional, vectorized and uniform charts - Lido/RouteManual by Lufthansa Systems
  • Worldwide enroute chart coverage
  • Data updates every 2nd AIRAC cycle (read more)
  • Constantly expanding set of video tutorials
  • Data saved locally, data is loaded instantly
  • Zoom and pan memory: When revisiting a chart, its previous zoom and pan setting is recalled
  • Tiled printing: Large enroute charts can be printed on several sheets of paper
  • For non-professional flight simulation only

System Requirements

  • Microsoft ® Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Min. 1024 x 768 px, 24-bit color
  • Min. Pentium 4 type processor, 1 GHz
  • Min. 2 GB RAM
  • Min. 100 MB disk (+ up to 3 GB for data)
  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL or faster)
  • Offline mode supported (needs server synchronization every 7 days or 20 startups, whichever comes first)

PC Pilot Classic Product Navigraph Charts - A PC Pilot Classic Product (issue #46)
"Being both a download manager [...] and file viewer makes the whole process extremely simple to use with an ingenious elegant design that means that any charts you may wish to purchase, or viewing of charts already purchased, is just a mouse click away, utilising the same software." - Jane Whittaker, PC Pilot


Airport Chart Airport Charts
Navigraph Charts 5 is the professional way to search, download and manage your airport (terminal) and enroute charts. It also contains video tutorials and other guide contents for learning how to use professional charts. The charts are accessible through a tabbed interface, currently showing an instrument approach chart.

Instant Access Instant Access
All charts and other contents are downloaded and installed directly in the Charts software. You can work with the desired charts within seconds. Just click any airport or enroute chart - when the icon turns green it has been downloaded and is ready for access. Yellow icons signify that an update is available.

Vectorized Charts Vectorized Charts
The charts are vectorized and can be zoomed up to 6400% to show every little detail.

Enroute Charts Enroute Charts
Using the Charts software you can also download and view professional enroute charts, from the same source as our airport charts. They can be zoomed, rotated and printed just like airport charts. There is a small overview to show where you are currently looking on the enroute chart, as they are very large and detailed.

Tiled Printing Tiled Printing
Since Navigraph Charts 4 is a function for tiled printing of enroute charts. Due to the large physical size of the original paper charts (some are more than one meter wide), the charts can be printed on multiple sheets of A4 or letter sized paper.

Video Tutorials Video Tutorials
Another feature in Navigraph Charts is the Video Tutorials section. Professional video tutorials with audio commentary can be downloaded and viewed in the integrated video player. A valuable function for both novices and experts - there is always some knowledge that needs brushing up!