Charts App

The easy way for flight simulator enthusiasts to search, view and organize airport and enroute charts on the your iPad or Android tablet!

Just like the Cloud and Desktop version of Navigraph Charts, the native iPad and Android app provides worldwide coverage and unlimited download of updated airport and enroute charts for all Navigraph Charts and Ultimate subscribers. The app also features an interface for streaming video tutorials.

The app downloads and displays vectorized charts which allows pinch-zooming down to the very details of the General, SID, STAR and Terminal charts. The app also features a tabbed interface which allows for quick reordering of open charts into a preferred sequence. The tabs are color coded to quickly find STARs, SIDs, and other types of diagrams. Furthermore, an annotation mode will allow users to scribble finger gestures on top of the charts to highlight points of interest.

Full Access and Demo
A Charts or Ultimate Subscription is required to use to the Charts App. For one fixed price you have instant access to the worldwide charts database, which receives regular updates. In addition, there is an ever expanding repository of video tutorials included. If you don't have a subscription, you may still login to the Charts App with your Navigraph account for a free demo.

Core Features

  • Worldwide aeronautical charts (General, SIDs, STARs, Terminal) accessible instantly (see current coverage)
  • Professional, vectorized and uniform charts - Lido/RouteManual by Lufthansa Systems
  • Worldwide enroute chart coverage
  • Data updates every 2nd AIRAC cycle (read more)
  • Constantly expanding set of video tutorials
  • Tabbed interface to rearrange charts into convenient sequence
  • Color-coded tabs and lists for easy identification of chart types
  • Annotation tool for freehand drawing and annotation on charts
  • Available from the App Store and Google Play
  • For non-professional flight simulation only